We are an SEO focused digital PR agency.

We provide guaranteed links on top-tier publications to boost your brand awareness and search engine visibility.


Fixed £4995 fee per campaign

No hidden fees. Includes full strategy and a guarantee of average 10 high quality backlinks including at least one top tier news publication such as the Mirror or the Sun.

No contracts

A campaign typically last between 20 and 45 days. You can request a refund if we do not deliver the agreed number of links or we will continue work until we do.

Our expert Digital PR team get our clients relevant coverage on...

Why choose us as your Digital PR partner for 2024?

Our links build brand awareness to uplift your search engine visibility

By creating digital PR campaigns that do more than drive brand awareness, they demand audience engagement in the right places and generate high-quality backlinks to boost your search engine visibility and online presence. 

We are a specialist "hybrid" SEO-trained digital PR team

Reachology’s digital PR services are delivered by a powerful mix of 35 SEO specialists, digital PR experts, former journalists and talented content creators. We know what is working now and will deliver exceptional results.

We guarantee you results through white hat, organic SEO strategies

We are a true "hybrid" search optimised digital PR agency that guarantees links on top-tier news sites and relevant media which boosts your brand with Google and enhances organic visibility.  

link building

Earned link building​

Our digital PR campaigns will help you secure regular backlinks from trusted, relevant websites and contribute to better organic search engine rankings.


Thought leadership

By securing coverage in high-profile, relevant publications we will build authority and trust with your audience. This will attract customers and help with SEO.

reactive PR

Reactive PR (Newsjacking)​

Our PR specialists will keep tabs on your sector and react to opportunities for more backlinks and targeted coverage. Right place, right time, right message!

We use proprietary analytics metric, Q-Flux to report SEO and brand-reach activity. We use original digital PR campaigns and proactive newsjacking to increase your online coverage and secure high-authority backlinks to boost your organic rankings on Google.


A results focused digital PR team

Our team of digital PR specialists provides creative digital PR campaigns for retail, financial services, fintech, manufacturing, public sector, and not-for-profit, B2B, and B2C companies, from start-ups to FTSE-listed corporates. If you aren't mentioned, just shout as we work in virtually any sector!

Creative PR + SEO focus

Digital PR + SEO = powerful hybrid service

Our creative content ideas are built on the credibility of traditional PR with the added firepower of the best SEO knowledge to push your company to the top of the Google rankings and generate more organic traffic. We can also manage every aspect of your digital content and technical SEO through our sister company Wordologists, a content strategy and creation agency.

100% earned backlinks​

100% earned backlinks​

We gain authority links from relevant coverage to drive traffic and sales and boost your overall brand awareness. The backlinks are assessed and then reported to you as they land using our Q-Flux formula. Our links are from high quality news sources and niche relevant sites and cannot be bought.

100% accountable

100% accountable PR campaigns

We are 100% results-driven and will agree on clear goals with you for every campaign. We measure campaign success using two primary metrics: Q-Flux and ReachScore. We're different from other agencies in that we guarantee results and work until we achieve them.


How our digital PR service

supercharges your brand

How our digital PR service supercharges your brand

We’ll get under the skin of your brand

What makes your business tick is different to everyone else. We’ll spend time understanding your business and your purpose in the world. Once we have bottled that essence, we can use this to create all sorts of magic through a digital PR strategy that is as individual as you.

We’ll provide creative PR ideas on tap

We’re different to the run-of-the-mill SEO agencies that don't have the creative spark to develop credible ideas to get you into the national press and generate those high-value links. We do far from ordinary. Our data-driven thought leadership campaigns and original news ideas are crafted to gain traction with journalists and influencers.

We have a flexible approach to content creation

To succeed at digital PR, you need to target the right audience with the right content at the right time. Our digital PR team mine your business for the stories that tell the world who you are and what you stand for. We’ll do this through our powerful storytelling technique that brings your brand to life to your employees and your customers. We’ll build the foundations that help you to engage and change the way your audiences think, feel and act.
We’ll create and develop your brand story; employer brand; internal, corporate, customer and crisis communications; reputation management; CSR and ESG; PR; and investor relations.

We have an SEO-driven outreach plan

We identify places that offer the strongest SEO performance and benefits whilst reaching the right audience. Our results are delivered using our disruptive, hybrid approach to digital PR, creating significantly more value for clients than traditional PR campaigns or stand alone SEO strategies.

We do your digital PR like our lives depends on it

At Reachology, we thrive on results and have a burning desire to get coverage for your business and meet your business goals. We leave everything on the pitch and we're always switched on about your campaign, ensuring the best opportunities for coverage are secured.

Newsjacking the big stories that matter to your brand

We create original campaigns that get traction, but are also ready when the opportunity knocks to newsjack a big story. Our responsive PR team will monitor your sector for any quick wins, such as Government news and related-sector news stories that require immediate comment, meaning you earn links in places where the action is happening and Google is paying attention.

We’re 100% accountable and offer a guarantee

Are you tired of being fobbed-off with poor-quality links and no tangible increase in website traffic or sales leads? Then take a sigh of relief. We’ll agree on what you should expect from the start of your digital PR campaign and our team will provide clear reports that keep you in the picture.

What makes us different to other digital PR agencies?​

Creative PR + SEO focus​

We are a "true hybrid" team that gets measurable results

Our campaigns deliver the credibility that traditional PR techniques provide, but with the added firepower of authoritative links and intelligent SEO that builds keyword rankings and generates relevant traffic.

Unlike most agencies, we provide a unique guarantee​​

Unlike most PR agencies, we provide a unique guarantee

All of our links are 100% earned - we never pay for any backlink placements.
We’ll deliver the number of links and coverage we agreed and continue working until we do this, at no extra cost.

We’ll refund your fee with no fuss if we miss your agreed minimums within the agreed timeframe (using our easy-to-understand Q-Flux and ReachScore metrics).

Sectors we work with

Creative PR + SEO focus

Think your sector or brand is too weird or even too dull for us to create engaging content that works for digital PR?

Don't panic - we are one of the most skilled and flexible digital PR companies on either side of Mars. Promoting organic dog food or replacement engine head gaskets couldn't excite us more.

We can always find an angle to create stories that delight and entertain or educate and inform (or all of those things).

B2B PR services

B2B PR services

We are a leading digital PR agency supporting business-to-business companies to connect with their customers and sell their products and services faster. We’ll mine your business for content, working hard to uncover the stories that will raise your visibility offline and online. Our B2B team has a deep understanding of market trends and issues across a range of sectors, and we have the contacts across the trade media to get your voice heard.

Crisis and issues PR

Once you’ve built your reputation, you need to protect it. Poor online reviews or negative media can seriously damage your brand. It could be related to an unhealthy business practice, a data breach or an employee-related issue. Our Crisis and Issues PR service is available 24-7 to help you to navigate a PR crisis, to limit the damage to your brand and help you to come out the other side unscathed.

Financial services PR

Financial services PR

We’re highly experienced in working within the tightly regulated, competitive and complex financial services industry. With skilled PR advisers, including former financial journalists, we have a deep knowledge of products and services across personal, business, and corporate finance. We also work alongside private equity and venture capital firms to support high-growth businesses, building corporate profiles and advising them through a sale.

Legal PR

Legal PR

A digital PR strategy is not just for the largest practices – in a crowded market, firms of all sizes are seeking ways to stand out. Our Legal PR service positions brands as an authority in their legal field – after all, it is easier to win work when you are known as an expert for it. A strong Legal PR campaign in the media can also support your clients in winning their cases.

Retail PR services

Retail PR services

Understanding consumers and consumer behaviour is essential to drive footfall and online sales in one of the most competitive sectors. Our Retail PR service will build a powerful brand story to bring to life your retail business online, including brand activations, product launches, content creation and influencer marketing campaigns. Our digital retail campaigns are bold, brave and get results.

Charity PR services

Charity PR services

We can support you to raise awareness about your charity and your campaigns, and we can manage and protect your reputation both online and offline. We’ll work with you to create campaigns that better connect you with supporters and give you a platform for lobbying.

We can identify potential risks for your not-for-profit organisation and put in place a robust plan to counter any negative coverage that could cause damage to your brand.

Property PR services

The residential and commercial property markets are crowded and fiercely competitive. Housebuilders and property developers can see measurable benefits from using PR to secure planning, raise their profile in the market and generate sales. Whether you’re talking to the property industry, buyers, investors, decision-makers, Government or local communities, digital PR can be used to get the right messages across.

Travel and leisure PR services

Travel and leisure PR services

Our team of specialists work with a range of clients, delivering Travel and Leisure PR that has impact. We’ve executed strategic campaigns for destinations, hotels, and tour operators. Our Travel and Leisure PR specialists have their finger on the pulse, with a deep understanding of the issues within the sector. We develop original content and newsjack the stories, creating a buzz in the national media, travel magazines and social media.

“Your leadership, dedication and hard work definitely resulted in a terrific event that went off flawlessly. It was an honour and privilege to represent all the work you did when I spoke on P&G’s behalf – you made me look good.”
link building
Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh
Group President, Western Europe, P&G

Have a look at our digital PR experience​

What is a digital PR agency and what do they do?

Digital PR uses traditional PR skills in a digital environment, with the aim of getting increased coverage from web publishers, search engines and social media platforms.

brand awareness

What's the difference between digital PR, traditional PR and content marketing?

A lot of things are different between traditional content and our disruptor-form recipe of digital PR services. Traditional PR secures key media coverage on TV, print and radio, whereas digital PR includes social media, websites, video and SMS. Content marketing focuses on getting stories out to bloggers and influencers, but these placements can return poor-quality links or sites on which Google doesn’t look favourably. Digital PR uses a combination of traditional PR methods and content marketing techniques that improve organic search engine rankings by generating quality backlinks, increase social media visibility and influence and build brand awareness.

What are the main benefits of digital PR?

Digital PR can give brands access to huge numbers of targeted people cost-effectively. One piece of content can be repurposed for various platforms, meaning your audience can be reached on their preferred social media account or website. Digital PR is perfect for brands wanting to improve their brand reputation, social reach and SEO.

How does digital PR power SEO?

Digital PR will open the door to higher-quality, more relevant backlink opportunities that build trust with Google and other search engines.

Will digital PR boost brand authority?

Publishing quality content on high-quality websites will improve your reputation with your target market and establish you as an authority and a 'thought leader' in your sector. Google also loves digital PR.

Will your digital PR services increase traffic and sales?​

Will your digital PR services increase traffic and sales?​

More targeted visibility combined with increased brand trust is a proven formula for generating more leads and sales. Digital PR achieves both by partnering with relevant journalists and influencers to publish engaging news stories and quality content at the right time. Your brand will be on the spot to solve a problem just when it is needed.

Will digital PR work for my business?

Every business has a back story, and by creating a well-crafted narrative, we can push your business up the visibility rankings on Google. Our expertise in earning valuable backlinks in major publications can make a huge difference.

How else does digital PR help my brand?

We’ll achieve engagement with your target audience through the quality content that we’ll place across your channels. Digital PR is also the safest and most effective strategy for gaining reliable backlinks organically.

How does digital PR boost your SEO performance?

Because there's no question that quality backlinks are still very important!

Google is regularly upgrading its algorithm to understand which links produce the best search results, and not all links are equal. By earning the kind of high-quality backlinks Google loves, you will be rewarded with levels of visibility that can be a game-changer, especially for sites in competitive sectors.

What are 'earned links', and why do they matter?​

Earned links are those given freely because the content is worth linking to. An earned link is considered a natural or organic link and potentially can influence Google's search results. A digital PR campaign aims to earn links rather than pay for them with money or goods or services.

Why not use a dedicated link building company to get backlinks?

Link building companies can be very effective for securing highly relevant link placements on niche sites and are less able to secure links on top-tier news sites. (Visit our link building sister company, UK Linkology for more details).

quality links

Are digital PR campaigns right for your business?


Is digital PR the right investment for all businesses?

Digital PR can work for most businesses, and you could argue that the cost of not promoting your business could be higher than investing in a PR service. Realistically, a budget of £5000 per month is needed to get started (but please contact us to discuss, as it can vary).

Creative PR + SEO focus

Should I book a single campaign or a monthly retainer?

That depends on your current needs. Got a new product to launch? Then make a splash with a daring campaign. Looking to build authority in a niche? A monthly retainer where we hunt valuable opportunities to showcase your expertise could be the way to go.

100% earned backlinks​

Can we trial the service for free?

No, but we can offer a discovery call to understand the opportunities and what investment is needed. We value your time as much as ours. Excellent digital PR is founded on a deep understanding of the companies that leading agencies like Reachology work with. The time it takes to develop knowledge and appreciation of a brand requires 100% buy-in from our clients, and a short, free trial can't facilitate that.

100% accountable

Is digital PR good value compared to regular link building?

Digital PR campaigns differ because the links and coverage acquired impact the brand. It's now understood that Google favours brands and spikes in visibility across major publications have been shown to increase keyword visibility. Regular link building (guest posts, niche edits) is the foundation of a strong backlink profile and helps to build topical authority. Digital PR shows Google that your brand is actively trusted by big publications and is popular. This gives Google the signals to show your web pages for relevant searches. So, in reality, both types o of links work in harmony. It's important to understand that the impact of digital PR will wane if the campaigns stop, and this may impact your search visibility, but the ROI usually makes it worthwhile.

Your Digital PR questions answered

Reachology is not only different to traditional PR agencies, but we’re also different to most digital PR agencies. Sure, we offer many of the same services – pro-active news content, leadership profile building, newsjacking and crisis communications. But there are a few things we do differently. Knowing where you are as a business is the first step in getting to where you want to be. That’s why offer a free digital audit that gives you a 360-degree view of your company, your competitors and the wider market. Once we’ve designed your strategy, we measure the impact every step of the way, and we don’t stop working until we’ve hit our targets. No excuses. That’s the Reachology Way.

The length of a campaign depends on your business sector and what you aim to achieve. It’s best to invest a minimum of 6 months in a campaign, so we can properly measure the impact. Most of our clients commit to a 6 or 12-month retainer, so we can get to know each other better and put together meaningful strategies. But if you want to look at a shorter project, such as a product launch, we can work with you on this too.

We are different to other agencies. The biggest bugbear that most companies have is that PR agencies and creative agencies don’t measure results in a way that you can take into a boardroom. They can be fluffy and leave you unsure about what you’re getting for your monthly retainer. Reachology does things differently. We are open, honest and transparent with your budget and use easy-to-understand metrics – Q-Flux (backlinks) and ReachScore (coverage). You’ll know what our targets are, and you’ll get a report each month to show you how we’re doing. We don’t give excuses. Instead, we keep working until we’ve hit the target that we agreed.

Q-Flux is our in-house measurement formula for backlinks. We use Moz DA, Core Web Vitals scores, SEMrush traffic and keywords scores and relevancy in a weighted calculation. Your average score will be calculated on the top 10% of the links we acquire.

We use our ReachScore measurement system to analyse each mention because all mentions are not equal. A mention is a backlink, a citation on a website, an editorial mention, social platform mention or a link share (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). These are the minimum averages we expect to achieve and in many sectors, we will exceed these estimates. 

A metric developed by Moz.com. DA is a helpful guess at how a site will perform in search relative to other, similar sites trying to rank in its niche. It is not a direct replacement for PageRank. Moz uses link counts, known factors related to link manipulation, spam and link quality and traffic estimates to build its scores. Plus others, which they are not clear about (probably for commercial reasons).

Relevance is often misunderstood in link building. The most important thing is that the link is placed naturally and is relevant to the article it appears in. The next important element is the page title, then the overall theme of the site. If you have all of these factors covered, then the link could be more powerful. The relevance of the domain is not as crucial as some SEO people would have you believe.

We have great relationships with local, regional, national media, as well as the broadcast media in the UK and international territories including the US, Ireland and Australia. To ensure your content has legs, we’ll also post across social media sites, to boost your online visibility.

We’ll analyse your business and your competitors, and factor in your commercial goals; then we’ll put together your unique strategy. We’ll work with you to create content with the impact that gets you in front of the media. Depending on your strategy, this could be press releases, social media content, videos and podcasts or thought leadership reports.

Our team at Reachology will do the legwork, creating the content, crafting the messaging, filming the videos. We know your day job is to run your business, so it’s our job to run your newsroom, as an extension of your in-house team. Everything we do will be agreed upon in advance by you, so you remain in control of the strategy and the tactics.

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another. They were first used by Google to determine how trusted a given page is by other people, the logic being that people only link to other pages they trust. Reachology uses strategies to earn backlinks and our sister company UK Linkology offers a guaranteed link building service where sites are usually compensated. 

Anchor text are the words used in a hyperlink that the reader sees. For example: look at these “red shoes” on this site that are on sale, the anchor text is the quoted text. It informs the user precisely what to expect on the linked page. Anchor text with keywords in was once a powerful ranking signal, but nowadays it is best used sparingly.

These are backlinks that are within the text of a page and are ‘within context’ – i.e. they are relevant, timely and naturally occurring.

Google is an answers engine, and websites providing the best answers will usually rank the highest. You should try to provide the best content you can, at every opportunity, even when it is for placing backlinks on other sites.

The algorithm is actually made up of multiple algorithms, each with a job to do. They measure the quality, relevance, freshness and popularity of the content and assign values to assist Google to rank pages. Your SEO strategy will involve creating content and backlinks that is favoured by the algorithm.

A ranking factor is something that helps a website to rank well in search engines. Known ranking factors are content, backlinks and RankBrain – the latter being a machine learning component that measures results and adapts them to improve user satisfaction.

The first rule of digital PR is that Google is all-powerful, so we need to understand how it operates. To rank websites, Google uses web crawlers that scan and index pages. Every page gets rated according to Google’s opinion of its authority and usefulness to the human using the web. Then, Google uses an algorithm with over 200 known factors to put the websites in order on a search results page. This is what you see when you type in a search.

Newsjacking means you’ll have relevant content and good reasons to reach out to the media and your wider audience. To newsjack, you need to be across every platform that delivers news content. News breaks quickly, whether it’s on the BBC website, a trade journal or Twitter. Reachology makes sure you’re on top of what’s happening in your sector and has content specialists armed with targeted, well-thought-out content to put you in the conversation.

We prefer to think of ourselves as an extension of your in-house team, whether you’re a start-up, a growth business or you’re listed on the stock market. We work alongside you; so we know your business inside out; we understand your commercial goals and we care about supporting you to achieve them.

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