Data journalism

Harness the power of information to position your company as a leader in its field.

Data journalism creates highly original content that the media will love, rewarding you with top-tier coverage and links to your site.


Is data journalism right for you?

We use data journalism as part of our digital PR strategies for clients, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to tap into information, views and opinions that we turn into unique stories and share with selected industry journalists. 


It’s a specialised form of digital PR that not every agency can formulate and execute, for maximum data capture and unrivalled story success. At Reachology, we have data journalism experts with solid backgrounds in this journalistic discipline and the media contacts to get your company the exposure you need. Whether it’s a freedom of information request that unlocks critical data, research, an investigation, official datasets or a poll on current topics, we’ll build the foundation for press releases and other material that will capture editors’ attention and get your business noticed.

Content production

Creating content everyone will want to know about

Our data journalism skills help you to rise above the online clatter and get you attention, with newly discovered facts, figures and opinions that will provide information for the public good and, by extension, position your company as a leader in its sector.

Backlinks to the site​

A bonus of backlinks to your website

Media outlets covering our data journalism stories may link back to either the company behind the endeavour or a blog post they might publish that contains all the details. We may also syndicate your story to news sites, resulting in dozens or even hundreds of backlinks, thereby providing a hefty SEO benefit, with increased domain authority and backlinks.

Long term relationships

We know the right journalists to reach out to about your data journalism news

Our extensive database of news professionals and relationships with journalists allows us to instantly tap into the right media sectors and get your data journalism story out and noticed.

Find out more about Reachology’s industry-leading data journalism service by clicking below.

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