Reachology guarantee​

Reachology guarantee

No catches, no questions, no fuss. We work until we hit your targets.

Most PR agencies charge a fee in return for a set number of hours per month.

This means you’ll know how much time is assigned by the agency to your brand.

You will probably be told what outputs will be produced within that time, such as two press releases, a feature and a social media campaign.

We don’t focus on time and we don’t focus on outputs. We work on a different equation: Your fee = X Results.

Here's how we're different to other PR agencies


Our team at Reachology have built a simple formula for reporting site quality that uses backlink quality metrics, page quality scores and domain traffic. This unique measurement system is called quality metrics fluidity or “Q-Flux” for short. We will agree on a minimum Q-Flux score to meet for every campaign ensuring the backlinks you get are worth the fee you pay.

Reach Score

Our ReachScore is the total value of the mentions we've achieved as the campaign progresses. This includes backlinks acquired, social mentions and coverage in online and offline publications. We use a simple scoring system to assign a value to a mention. For example, a top tier online national newspaper or their website is a 10 and a link from a lesser known blogger is a 1. We will agree on a minimum ReachScore with you so that you get fair coverage for your fee.


Our guarantee means you always get great results

Our unique Q-Flux and ReachScore measuring system is a simple, transparent way of guaranteeing results for your fee and we won't stop working until we've hit what we've promised.

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