Wondering if your company can get top media exposure? Here’s how.

By William Furney, PR & content strategist, Reachology

The smallest company in the world can get the biggest media exposure, as long as it has the right story – and the right digital PR service to get it out to the online world. 

The marketing dream of every company, no matter how small, is to continually land major media coverage and tell its story and grow its brands. You can do it with ads, of course, but most small- and medium-sized enterprises don’t have the kind of multimillion-pound budgets that large corporations do, so it’s not really an option. What we’re talking about is earned media placements – mentions, and possibly links – in online media for no fee. 

It’s the goal of all kinds of firms, many of whom appoint a digital PR agency to do the work for them, because executing a digital PR strategy is far from an exact science, there are lots of variables that can derail a campaign and you need media specialists who know the industry and how to land coverage. 

Done right, the result can be sustained publicity and brand exposure that’s invaluable — and links to your website from leading news and other digital sites that Google loves and dramatically helps to boost your online visibility, search rankings and, ultimately, sales. And the great news is there are no big barriers to entry: you don’t have to be a conglomerate with a massive budget to reap the online business rewards. 

Earned media: do you have a story to tell?

A tiny business might ask itself, however, if it’s possible to get into the top news sites and if, indeed, they have something worth saying that will lead to coverage. “Isn’t that only for the big guys, not for us?” a small business owner might say, and dismiss the idea of snaring press coverage as absurd and out of reach. They might think their brands are not exciting enough, or so dull that no one would be interested in reading about them and what’s happening with their development.

The truth is that no matter what you’re selling, and how inconsequential you might think it is, you can always create stories about your company that will resonate with journalists, editors and readers. Finding the right hook is the job of a digital PR service where the staff include former and current journalists who know the media inside out and what news, lifestyle and all the other sites want in terms of content. 

It’s the most fundamental aspect of creating a highly effective digital PR strategy that unearths compelling content ideas that can come from anywhere. It could be a gripping tale about how one of the founders got into business, the lessons they’ve learned, how they came up with their product ideas — just about anything that will lead to a great piece that can then be pitched to journalists and hopefully result in a published article that raises your profile and generates publicity. And you might also get a valuable link to your site; but if not, don’t fret, as mentions of a company or brand also carry Google weight.

A comprehensive digital PR strategy 

Getting into the media is not only about a company’s stories, as there are many other ways to land coverage. It includes responding to journalists’ requests, via different services, for expert comment, insights, product testing and lots more contributions to articles. And then there’s press coverage based on what’s going on — trending topics, a major news story, developments in a certain industry — that you can piggyback off and become part of the story. 

These tactics, and lots more, take time, patience and expertise, and if you have all those, you can certainly give digital PR a shot yourself. Or leave it up to the professionals who do it every day — highly experienced executives at a digital PR service who will get you results. 

With the enormous amount of competition out there, no business can afford not to have the best in publicity they can get, to keep their name in the public eye and benefit from a marked increase in brand awareness. And as we’ve pointed out, there’s no reason any company, of any size, can’t get media coverage that keeps them ahead of their slumbering rivals. 

So what are you waiting for?

The digital PR experts at Reachology will create a highly effective online publicity strategy for your business. Book a free initial consultation now and get started.

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