Our unique digital PR process

Our unique digital PR process explained

Reachology is a refreshingly different PR company with a focus on transparency and getting measurable results.

We’ve mixed PR with SEO to create a cost-effective digital PR service that will power-up your brand visibility across your targeted channels.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer with PR experience or struggling to understand what it’s all about, this page has something for you.

Hybrid digital PR and SEO 101

What is digital PR?

Digital PR elevates your brand online, ensuring B2B and B2C customers can find you, build trust, and ultimately, buy products and services from you. Digital PR focuses on securing coverage in the form of mentions, link shares and comments, and acquiring backlinks. This combination results in increased brand recognition, trust and higher organic visibility on search engines.

How important is digital PR for SEO?

Digital PR infused with SEO best practices can mean you don’t need a separate link-building budget - and because it is organic, it keeps your website safer from algorithmic updates that target link spam. When done in the right way, it’s a “two birds with one stone” scenario that could save you thousands.

What are the best links for digital PR?

How links are measured is an ongoing debate, but our deep experience has seen us narrow it down to the best set of metrics. Our team at Reachology have built a simple formula for reporting site quality that uses backlink quality metrics, page quality scores and overall domain traffic. This unique measurement system is called quality fluidity, or “Q-Flux” for short. The fluid nature of the formula means we can adjust the importance of metrics as Google changes its level of reliance on them. For example, if Core Web Vitals becomes a top tier ranking factor, then we would adjust the value of the metric in our Q-Flux formula. A simple, but powerful concept and unique to the PR industry.

Our digital PR process

Just as traditional PR has evolved to encompass digital, we have kept ahead of the pace in the digital PR space. We use powerful research tools that streamline audience targeting, content development and distribution. And when the action starts, our proprietary reporting methods (Q-Flux and ReachScore) will give you clear insights on ROI.

Your digital PR proposal:

Before we can work our magic for you, we’ll need to convince you that we’re the right fit, and that starts with a proposal. We offer potential customers a free discovery call, audit and proposal.

Proposal items

Our digital campaign management process

Once we’ve mapped out campaign objectives and budget we’ll get down to work. This is where our skills as a hybrid PR and SEO team are showcased to the full. Our planning covers all bases to ensure that the campaign activity squeezes the most out of the content we create.

Understanding your business

A deep dive into your corporate strategy.
Identify the keywords used by your target market.
Uncover the questions your customers are asking.

Analysis of the search engine activity

Research your competitors’ strength (backlinks and their content).
Identify the type of content needed to rank for target keywords.

Backlink acquisition plan

How many backlinks required to rank for keywords.
The types of sites needed (niche relevance).
The strength of sites needed (Q-Flux – DA, traffic, relevance, content length etc.).
Anchor texts useage planning.

Content development

We’ll define your audience.
Produce your content titles.
Plan your content formats (articles, videos, images).
Craft your content.

Outreach plan

Next we’ll create an outreach strategy.
This includes a well-targeted media list.
Which is backed-up by a strong social media targeting plan.


Our unique SEO score is the Q-Flux average. This is calculated using the top 10% of the best scoring backlinks.
And we’ll track your brand visibility through our ReachScore . This is the number and quality of mentions across all channels, the repeating of key messaging and positive sentiment.

How our digital PR account management team work

Stage one: Onboarding

Discovery meeting.
Deep dive into your business and sector.

Research your competitors’ strength.

Stage two: Campaign delivery

SEO-powered ideas developed.
Content produced.
Media and social outreach plan delivered.

Stage three: Campaign reporting

From month one, we’ll measure our impact across all channels (ReachScore).
And we'll review and measure the backlinks acquired (Q-Flux score is measured using the top 10% of backlinks).
We’ll create a dashboard for you to check your progress.

Our unique formula for Digital PR success

Our formula for success is a combination of transparency, tested methods and fair pricing.

Transparent methods

You are in control of the process. The ideas for stories and content are formed in collaboration with you. We show you every piece of content we create and every communication written before we do any outreach. The only surprises will be good ones!

Verified expertise and processes

The components of our hybrid digital PR process are tried and tested over many years. Our team is composed of PR and SEO veterans who understand how to get the most from every story to deliver increased brand reach and organic SEO success.

Clear reporting

PR reporting should never be as fluffy as it is. PR companies that don’t measure activity across channels using up-to-date tools could be wasting your budget. To avoid this, Reachology uses a mix of recognised metrics in our Q-Flux formula to ensure websites meet the high standards that search engines require to assist with ranking. Our unique ReachScore will tell the story of how visible the campaign content is across all channels.

Your Digital PR questions answered

Reachology is not only different to traditional PR agencies, but we’re also different to most digital PR agencies. Sure, we offer many of the same services – pro-active news content, leadership profile building, Newsjacking and crisis communications. But there are a few things we do differently. Knowing where you are as a business is the first step in getting to where you want to be. That’s why offer a free digital audit that gives you a 360-degree view of your company, your competitors and the wider market. Once we’ve designed your strategy, we measure the impact every step of the way, and we don’t stop working until we’ve hit our targets. No excuses. That’s the Reachology Way.
The length of a campaign depends on your business sector and what you aim to achieve. It’s best to invest a minimum of 6 months in a campaign, so we can properly measure the impact. Most of our clients commit to a 6 or 12-month retainer, so we can get to know each other better and put together meaningful strategies. But if you want to look at a shorter project, such as a product launch, we can work with you on this too.
We are different to other agencies. The biggest bugbear that most companies have is that PR agencies and creative agencies don’t measure results in a way that you can take into a Boardroom. They can be fluffy and leave you unsure about what you’re getting for your monthly retainer. Reachology does things differently. We are open, honest and transparent with your budget. You’ll know what our targets are, and you’ll get a report each month to show you how we’re doing. We don’t give excuses. Instead, we keep working until we’ve hit the target that we agreed.

Q-Flux is our in-house measurement formula for backlinks. We use Moz DA, Core Web Vitals scores, content length, SEMrush traffic and keywords scores and relevancy in a weighted calculation. Your average score will be calculated on the top 10% of the links we acquire.

Relevance is often misunderstood in link building. The most important thing is that the link is placed naturally and is relevant to the article it appears in. The next important is the page title, then the overall theme of the site. If you have all of these factors covered, then the link could be more powerful.
We have great relationships with local, regional, national media, as well as the broadcast media in the UK and international territories including the US, Ireland and Australia. To ensure your content has legs, we’ll also post across social media sites, to boost your online visibility.

We use our ReachScore measurement system to analyse each mention because all mentions are not equal. A mention is a backlink, a citation on a website, an editorial mention, social platform mention or a link share (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). These are the minimum averages we expect to achieve and in many sectors, we will exceed these estimates.

We’ll analyse your business and your competitors, and factor in your commercial goals, then we’ll put together your unique strategy. We’ll work with you to create content with the impact that gets you in front of the media. Depending on your strategy, this could be press releases, social media content, videos and podcasts or thought leadership reports.
Our team at Reachology will do the legwork, creating the content, crafting the messaging, filming the videos. We know your day job is to run your business, so it’s our job to run your newsroom as an extension of your in-house team. Everything we do will be agreed upon in advance by you, so you remain in control of the strategy and the tactics.
Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another. They were first used by Google to determine how trusted a given page is by other people, the logic being that people only link to other pages they trust.
These are backlinks that are within the text of a page and are “within context”, i.e. they are relevant, timely and naturally occurring.
Anchor text is the words used in a hyperlink that the reader sees. For example; look at these red shoes on this site that are on sale, the anchor text is the underlined text. It informs the user precisely what to expect on the linked page. Anchor text with keywords in was once a powerful ranking signal, but nowadays it is best used sparingly.
Yes. Research and our own experience show that native speakers have a grasp of the subtleties of their own language that non-natives might often miss. We will, however, consider non-native speakers for roles when they are available and treat all applicants with respect and 100% fairness.
A metric developed by Moz.com. DA is a helpful guess at how a site will perform in search relative to other similar sites trying to rank in its niche. It is not a direct replacement for PageRank. Moz uses link counts, known factors related to link manipulation, spam and link quality and traffic estimates. And others, which they are not clear about (probably for commercial reasons).
Google is an answers engine, and websites providing the best answers will usually rank the highest. You should try to provide the best content you can at every opportunity even when it is for placing backlinks on other sites.
The algorithm is actually made up of multiple algorithms, each with a job to do. They measure the quality, relevance, freshness and popularity of the content and assign values to assist Google to rank pages. Your SEO strategy will involve creating content and backlinks that is favoured by the algorithm.
A ranking factor is something that helps a website to rank well in search engines. Know ranking factors are content, backlinks and rank brain – the latter being a machine learning component that measures results and adapts them to improve user satisfaction.
The first rule of digital PR is that Google is all-powerful, so we need to understand how it operates. To rank websites, Google uses web crawlers that scan and index pages. Every page gets rated according to Google’s opinion of its authority and usefulness to the human using the web. Then, Google uses an algorithm with over 200 known factors to put the websites in order on a search result page. This is what you see when you type in a search.
Newsjacking means you’ll have relevant content and good reasons to reach out to the media and your wider audience. To Newsjack, you need to be across every platform that delivers news content. News breaks quickly, whether it’s on the BBC website, a trade journal, or Twitter. Reachology makes sure you’re on top of what’s happening in your sector and have content specialists armed with targeted, well-thought-out content to put you in the conversation.
We prefer to think of ourselves as an extension of your in-house team, whether you’re a start-up, a growth business or you’re listed on the stock market. We work alongside you, so we know your business inside out, we understand your commercial goals, and we care about supporting you to achieve them.
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