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Newsjacking is getting your thoughts and opinions published in breaking news stories.

It’s a great way to build a person or company’s reputation and can also help with SEO.

Whether your aim is to hijack or just piggyback the news agenda, by Newsjacking, you’ll have relevant content and good reasons to reach out to the media and your wider audience.

How do you Newsjack effectively?

Successful Newsjacking isn’t rocket science. It just requires the right news sense, speedy thinking, and rock-solid media contacts. That’s what the Reachology team brings to the table.


Track the news

To Newsjack, you need to be across every platform that delivers news content. News breaks quickly, whether it’s on the BBC website, a trade journal, or Twitter. Make sure you’re on top of what’s happening in your sector and have content specialists ready to fight your corner with targeted, well-thought-out content.


Make your brand relevant to the story

Using our understanding of client sectors, the news cycle and the media, means we can put your brand at the centre of Newsjacking. As the story evolves, we’ll craft messaging that keeps you relevant. We’ll also media train your spokespeople, so they’re briefed and ready to stand in front of journalists on Zoom, at a press day, or a face-to-face interview.


React swiftly, but tread carefully

Digital press means that the news cycle is getting crunched. Some stories have more staying power than others, but generally, brands need to react swiftly to garner maximum attention before the opportunity for hits passes. Even so, you don’t want to risk your corporate reputation by getting the wrong media hit. Even when things are moving quickly, you need to take the time to craft a powerful story that will get your messages across, without hurting your brand.

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