ReachScore simplifies measuring digital PR ROI

Measuring the value of coverage from PR campaigns can be tricky, so at Reachology, we decided to simplify it with our unique in-house metric, ReachScore.
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Reach Score

What is ReachScore?

Our ReachScore is the total value of the mentions we've achieved as the campaign progresses. This includes backlinks acquired, social mentions and coverage in online and offline publications. We use a simple scoring system to assign a value to a mention.
We score a national newspaper as a 10, our top score. A link from the Guardian or the Sun gets the same score regardless of their different content.

How does ReachScore help?

Can you calculate ROI in cash instead?

We've got a comparative cash value for each type of mention – a ReachScore point is equivalent to £200. We find that assigning unique values to every piece of coverage is complex and inconsistent. Having a points-based system makes it easier to allocate scores and track levels of coverage consistently.

We target relevant sites with high SEO value

Does ReachScore measure SEO impact?

ReachScore measures potential brand reach by considering how much visibility a mention of your brand could achieve. At Reachology we have developed another metric, called Q-Flux, that measures the SEO impact of backlinks acquired during a campaign.

Welcome to measurable digital PR campaigns with guaranteed results

The combination of ReachScore and Q-Flux metrics gives you insights into your campaigns' brand reach and potential SEO impact that other agencies cannot provide.

You can read all about Q-Flux and how it helps with SEO here.

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